- Development of efficient hybrid TWC/GPF capable to meet future EC legislation (EU VII)
- Reduction of PGMs at least 35%.
- Decrease of REEs at about 20%

The workplan of the project involves the following general objectives:

Rational design of nanocatalysts by Multi-scale modelling

Synthesis of innovative nanostructured catalysts with enhanced activity.

Full scale design and preparation of novel hybrid TWC/GPF

Advanced characterisation techniques- Performance evaluation

Life cycle analysis, Recyclability and environmental /health assessment studies

Dissemination and exploitation of the results

The compact nature of the new hybrid system not only will allow its accommodation in smaller cars but will also reduce cold start emissions
and light-off times with performance aiming to anticipate both future emission control regulations and new advances in engines technology. Such
R&D progress in autocatalysts is expected to pave the way to the widespread use of such low CRMs content materials in other catalytic